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The Archers.
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15th-Oct-2008 07:24 pm - Number Two - 10/15/08
I just finished watching the season five finale of Project Runway, and it just made me think of my favorite designers. So here is my first batch of Project Runway icons. I love this show big time, so there will be more in the future. These include Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Chirstian Siriano [season 4 winner], Daniel Vosovic [season 2 runner-up], and Korto Momolu [season 5 runner-up].
Twenty icons, preview:

See the fierceness in here.Collapse )

will be posting to pr_icons.
15th-Oct-2008 04:53 pm - Number 1 - 10/15/08
Panic at the Disco is one of my FAVORITE bands. I made some icons from one of their music videos a few weeks back. They were posted at fueledbygraphix, patd_icons, and panicxgraphics. To pay homage to them, they'll be in my first icon post. So...here we go.

[38] - That Green Gentleman Vid.

Things have changed for me, and that's okay...Collapse )
15th-Oct-2008 04:37 pm - the intro post.
Hi there! Welcome to thearchersicons! I'm Kalena, the creator, also known as recycled_ilys. I've made icons for quite a while and they're overflowing my photobucket. I make icons of things I'm addicted to, and I decided to make a community to just be able to post all my icons. The community is open membership, but you don't need to join to take icons. Just credit, comment if you want, and no hotlinking [please save and upload to your own server]
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